Are you the right fit?

Our team members typically both pet sit and dog walk, they come from all walks of life.

  • You love dogs and cats and have prior experience caring for pets.
  • You are available for at least 6 months. Pups often form close relationships with their walkers, it  can be traumatizing for them to  adjust to a new walker.
  • You have the ability to be on time.
  • You are fine walking in all weather and in great physical shape.
  • You have a set schedule Monday- thru Friday. We welcome people that go to school or work but we ask that if you do  have a dog walking or cat sitting client that you be available the same time everyday when needed.
  • Professional skills and people skills, be able to talk kindly with clients in a professional form.
  • You are not looking for full time work, but are looking for part time work where you build your own  schedule.

Dog walks are  typically Monday thru Friday, some clients will ask for weekend walks.  Dog walking is typically done in the early afternoon between 11am - 4pm.  Cat sitting is done typically in the morning or evening  of any weekday  or weekend.

We only service Kew Gardens & Forest Hills neighborhoods.