Are you bonded and insured?

Any  services provided by Mike's Pups Inc. is covered by a $1MM Insurance  & Bond, covering your keys, property and your beloved pet.

As  a registered client you'll have the opportunity to view and download  copies of our bond and insurance policies for your records.

Will my dog be walked with other dogs?

No. Pack walking is becoming a thing of the past and for good reason. Our walks are either individual or “family” (2 or more dogs in the same household).

Will I always have the same walker?

The  walker you initially meet with is your assigned walker and hopefully someone with whom you and your dog can build a long-term relationship. You always have the option of meeting this walker beforehand. In case of emergencies or vacations we will send a backup walker. The  backup walker will always be another trusted member of Mike's Pups team,  and will be fully briefed on the details of your service.

In addition, there may come a time when your walker moves on or we have to make a change due to the logistical realities of scheduling – however, in these cases you will be informed in advance and will be given the option to meet and approve the new walker.

Can I meet the walker beforehand?

Absolutely and this is something we encourage! We’d like you to feel 100% comfortable with the person who has access to your home and your dog, and it's of no charge.

In addition, it’s also important for your dog to feel comfortable with whomever will be coming into your home when you’re not there! A meet and greet is an ideal opportunity for both you and your dog to acquaint themselves with your new walker, as well as to discuss any quirks or issues your dog may have that we should know about. 

What time will you visit my pet?

When you initially meet with your walker they will ask for a general time you'd like your dog to be walked. Due to the nature of our activities, specific visit times cannot be guaranteed.* Typically, walks and visits are completed within a one to two hour “window.”


Pet sitting visits: 

Two visits per day are scheduled approx. 12 hours apart unless otherwise agreed. Three visits per day are scheduled approx. 8 hours apart during waking hours.

*In the case of time-sensitive issues such as medication, we will make every attempt arrive at the owner's preferred time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Walks and visits canceled with at least 12 hrs. notification do not have a penalty.

Walks and visits canceled with less than 12 hrs. notification will be charged at 50% rate. If a walker arrives to your residence, full cost of service will be billed.

Why do you need two sets of keys?

We ask for two keys in the event the unexpected happens and your walker or sitter is unable to perform the walk or visit. A second key ensures we will be able to access your pet(s) no matter what. The first key is the “working copy” used by the walker/sitter, the second is kept locked in our office. 

And don't worry, walkers keep their keys secure and they will never be labeled with your address. We also use a key tracking system so we always know at a glance who has your key should you need it back.

What happens if my pet becomes injured or ill?

We are dedicated to excellent care of your pet(s). In the event of an injury or illness we will take your pet to either their own vet or (in an extreme emergency/after hours) the nearest animal hospital. You (or your emergency contact in your absence) will always be contacted before any action is taken, unless the situation requires immediate attention.

Your walker/sitter will always remain with your pet until you (or your emergency contact) are reached and decide what action is to be taken.

How do I pay?

Payment is required in advance for all services.  Weekly advance billing and bulk discount packages are available.  Services are refundable in accordance with our cancellation policy.

We accept all major credit cards and payments can be submitted within the client portal or from the mobile app.

Do you charge sales tax?

As we are a legally operating business in New York City, we do have to charge sales tax.

How will I know my dog has been walked?

If you create an account in our online portal or setup the mobile app, we will send you a “report card” after every walk which will give you GPS-stamped start and end times for your dog’s walk. It will also tell you if your dog went to the bathroom and if any problems or issues occurred during the walk. You also have a group conversation thread with your walker  and the office, on which you can exchange messages.

Are your walkers legal employees?

Yes, all Mike's Pups employees are legally hired and given a full background check. We don’t use independent contractors or hire people “off the radar.” Also, unlike certain Uber-style dog walking businesses which have thousands of walkers registered on their app, we don’t hire based on an online multiple-choice questionnaire! 

We get to know all of our walkers personally and spend a trial week with them out on the job to train them to our high standards of safety, responsibility and compassion. This is the only way you can assess a dog walker’s suitability for the job. 

Dog walking is more than just a job. It's a commitment to the well being of animals who are family members more than pets.

Will my dog be walked during temperature extremes/inclement weather?

When  the temperature is above 90 degrees or below 32 degrees walks may be  shortened. In the case of strong storms with thunder and lightning, your  walker will go outside long enough for your dog(s) to relieve  themselves, then spend the remainder of the time indoors. 

In  the case of winter storms, either your walker or the office will  contact you directly to confirm that you need service that day. If so,  your walker will make every effort to keep to their schedule as closely  as possible. We  strongly recommend that you give a house key to a trustworthy neighbor  in case roads are closed, dangerous or impassable due to ice, snow,  floods, etc.

Can you feed my dog too?

Absolutely! As long as it’s as simple as putting some food out for your  dog after the walk, we don’t mind feeding your dog at no additional  charge. We will also make sure they have water when they come home.

Are services available during holidays?

Yes! Clients on a weekly schedule by default, will not be on the schedule for federal holidays unless specifically requested. We do have a surcharge of $10 per visit, maximum of $20 per day.

New Year's Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day