Mike Viveros

Founder and Owner

Hello, my name is Mike Viveros and I'm the Founder, Owner, and Dog Walker Extraordinaire for Mike's Pups Inc. Together with my professional staff, we currently serve Kew Gardens and Forest Hills neighborhoods. 

All Mike's Pups employees are legally hired and given a full background  check. We don’t use independent contractors or hire people “off the  radar.” We  get to know all of our walkers personally and spend a trial week with  them out on the job to train them to our high standards of safety,  responsibility and compassion. This is the only way you can assess a dog  walker’s suitability for the job. 

Dog walking is more than just a job. It's a commitment to the well being of animals who are family members more than pets.


Fully Insured & Bonded

Any services provided by Mike's Pups Inc. is covered by a $1MM Insurance & Bond, covering your keys, property and your beloved pet. 

  • Dog Bite
    If your dog bites or injures another person while on the walk.

  • Veterinary Care
    If there is an accident on the walk and your dog needs veterinary care.

  • Property Damage
    If your property is damaged in any way as a result of our service or your dog.

  • Lost Key
    If a dog walker loses your key, our insurance will pay for new locks.